Supporting your Ministry

You can support TRSC in many ways.
➤ Pray for divine protection and the covering of our Father's hand in all that is done here in meeting the many needs of our viewers, listeners, and readers.
➤ Send us your thoughts, suggestions, and concerns so we can pray for and encourage you.
➤ Share the blessings that God has provided in furthering the printing, production, and distribution of the truth about our heavenly Father and His precious Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Your interest in supporting the work we do is very much appreciated. Sending a personal check in the mail is guaranteed to incur no additional transaction fees and allow the greatest use of your donation. We carefully guard the funds entrusted to this ministry, and we are sure you want to do the same. Our mailing address is
Talking Rock Sabbath Chapel
PO Box 39
Talking Rock, GA 30175

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