Living on Pulse
TRSC LifeStyle
Original Diet Eden eatin' straight from Genesis. In the beginning there was instant food. Just pick and eat. All the vitamins, enzymes, minerals. Nothing lost to processing, or denatured by heating and cooking, killing the active ingredients. This was live food at its best. And it's still best for us!

Golden Sunshine Think Vitamin D and strong bones. "Rays" your level by getting outside where the sun shines and soak up some every day. Sunlight is germicidal, a natural sanitizer.
Pure Water The perfect fluid to run your engine. We are over 75% water. It's the universal solvent, and just the vehicle we need for carrying the cargo of life through our blood stream. Alcohol not only kills your liver and brain, it dehydrates: sucking the water right out of you. Caffeine is a diuretic and dries you out as well. Drink water and plenty of it!

Rest and Rejuvenation Sleep recharges your batteries. "Early to bed, Early to rise, makes a man healthy..." is still true. Physical and mental rest is necessary for both metabolic and psychological stability. Burning the candle at both ends may produce twice as much light, but for only half the time.
Keep Moving Flexibility, endurance, circulation, digestion, elimination are just some of the benefits of exercise. Maintaining your youthful figure depends on regular daily activity, enough to get your ticker ticking and the juices flowing.

No Additives Make your body a drug-free zone. Alcohol and cigarettes are the two most common drugs. Today there is a pill for everything. Chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, preservatives, dyes, flavor enhancers. The list is endless. But the solution is simple.
Fresh Air Outdoors, negative ions, smoke-free oxygen. In goes the good air; out goes the bad air. The's the way it should work. Tobacco is simply a deadly serious form of personal pollution. And remember, your body is the temple of God.

Divine Power The original Manufacturer still has us under warranty. If your equipment is giving you problems, give Him a call. Heavenly help sustains us. Pray for it...without ceasing.

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